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Click Air Financing

Are you in the market for a new heating or air-conditioning system? Searching through google pages and product flyers? With the different systems available and the different brand it can be a consuming task. Why not leave the job to us? Call us for a free evaluation and our consultants / technicians will be there to answer all your questions and help you out through the whole process.

Pre-Approvals by Financeit

Get your A/C installed within one week, with weekend installations available!

  • As little as $53.48 per month
  • No money down
  • Buy now pay later' available with 3 months no interest

Click apply now to get pre-approved with Financeit or contact us for more details.

Grants Financing

Discover how government grants can make upgrading to a new HVAC system easier than ever. With financial assistance available, investing in energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems is more accessible than you might think! Take advantage of government support today and transform your property with a modern, eco-friendly HVAC solution.

Hydro Quebec Energy Wise

With the "LogisVert Efficient Homes Program" save with Click Air up to $5,040*

  • Central systems 
  • Multi Zone (Mitsubishi 8 zones).
  • Details from Hydro Quebec
  • Canada Greener homes Main Page

*Certain conditions apply, contact us for details

Canada Greener homes grant

Up to $5,000 available from the Federal Government.

This grant ended in Feb 2024 and had required a pre-work energy efficiency evaluation of the home by an energy advisor from Rénoclimat (the provincial body that administers the program on behalf of the federal government) prior to any heat pump installation.

If a report was done prior to the Feb 2024 deadline, you may still be eligible for the grant of up to $5,000 but you are responsible for confirming your eligibility with the energy advisor from Rénoclimat.

Canada Greener Homes Loan

From $5,000 to $40,000 Interest-free loans with a repayment term of 10 years

Offers interest-free financing to help you complete some of the more major retrofits recommended by your energy advisor. The Canada Greener Homes Loan remains open. The loan is no longer combined with the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program

Up to $10,000 To cover costs for changing oil heating system to an eligible heat pump.

The program helps eligible homeowners with median income or less who are currently heating their homes with oil make the transition to a better, more efficient option. There is no need for a home energy evaluation as part of this program. 

Eligible homeowners with median income or less who are currently heating their homes with oil.

Chauffez Vert

Up to $1,275 in grants for converting from oil to electric.

Replacement of an oil or propane central heating system with a system powered by an eligible renewable energy, such as electricity.



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