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Step 1

Agitator brush

Agitator brush

The method illustrated above is highly efficient and is conducted by our experienced technicians. This brush is extendable and can move in all directions to reach all the areas of your duct system in your home. This is the first step in eliminating Bacteria, mold and Fungi and increasing your system efficiency.

Step 2

Vacuum Aspirator System

Vacuum Aspirator System

This is an important step in the process of duct cleaning. The HEPA Vacuum is an industrial grade aspirator that is highly effective to remove the dust and debris left over from the agitator brush.

Step 3

Decontaminator Spray

Decontaminator Spray

In order to provide a full service we conduct the final step in duct cleaning with a strong steam spray, this provides a thorough cleaning of the entire system and completes the work. Contact us to today for a free estimate.

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