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Click-air Climatisation Inc is currently looking to hire HVAC technicians for its residential sector.

  • Date November 24th
  • Author Click-Air
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Click-air Climatisation Inc is a construction company specialising in building mechanical systems; ventilation, heating, and air conditioning, who operates in the commercial and residential sectors.

Its head office is located at 2090 Chemin Herron Street, Dorval, Quebec, H9S 1C2, and a second branch covering the Laval island located at 1405 Rue Bergar, Laval, H7L 4Z7

Tel: (514) 366-3535 Fax: (514) 636-1535 E-mail: info@click-air.ca

Click-air Climatisation Inc is currently looking to hire HVAC technicians for its residential sector.


Duties and responsibilities:

The HVAC technician is responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining heating and air conditioning equipment.

  • read and interpret blueprints, drawings, or other specifications
  • measure and determine benchmarks for installation
  • assemble and install, using hand or power tools, refrigeration, or air conditioning components, such as motors, controls, gauges, valves, circulation pumps, condensers, humidifiers, evaporators, and compressors
  • measure and cut pipes and join them using welding and brazing equipment
  • install and repair complete heating, ventilation, air handling, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems, and investigate the causes of problems
  • startup installations and test them for leaks using test equipment
  • recharge installations with refrigerant, check, and test regulators, calibrate systems and perform routine maintenance and service
  • repair and replace parts and components of complete refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation installations, including thermodynamic heating installations
  • establish, if necessary, cost estimates for customers
  • other relates duties



Job type:

Permanent, 40 h/per week


According to experience:

$23.00/hr - $41.30/hr

Skills & Abilities

DEP in refrigeration

Minimum 2 years of experience in HVAC industry

Spoken languages

French proficient, English basic


Company vehicle

Company cellular phone

Available jobs:


Location of work:

The greater Montreal area