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Efficiency is Profitable. Energy Star Label.

Tax credits available in Quebec

  • Date October 16th
  • Author Team Click-Air.
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Dear Customer. whether you’re installing a new air conditioner or central heating systems or replacing an older cooling or heating system, It’s always important to check the Energy star Label, It’s a basic way to validate if the system you’re installing will save you money and will remain efficient throughout the course of its lifespan. Furthermore with the various government grants and tax credits available in Quebec, there has never been a better time to install an energy star central air system in your home. It’s worth mentioning that proper maintenance is always recommended to keep it working at its best.


There are many sort of ways to heat up or cool you home, At we service all heating and cooling brands and models, whether it be Central AC, Ductless systems, central heat pumps, air conditioning, forced air systems etc


In order to service or install these systems properly, a certain level of expertise is needed, to be more precise, our technicians are factory trained to provide professional grade reliable repairs, installations and replacements in a timely manner. That’s the kind of service you get when your work is done by our Certified Technicians. They keep things professional and insure a safe and adequate service is provided.


A well maintained HVAC system makes for happy customers.


One of biggest issues maintaining an HVAC system in Montreal, is having to deal with it in the middle of winter, with the level of snow we receive in Montreal Quebec, it can sometimes be very hard to reach your thermo-pump or Heat pump that is located outside. While a maintenance check can be performed rather quickly, it would take a lot more time to do this in winter. Schedule your HVAC maintenance with us before winter can insure that our technicians can work under favorable temperatures and weather, especially if more extensive work is needed.


Here are a few examples of what simple things can cause a HVAC systems breakdown.


Sometimes the simplest thing like checking breakers during a power surge or a non-replacement of your air filters can cause your HVAC system to stop working. Your air conditioner can have a drainage block within the PVC drain line or if it’s not cooling enough it may be that you have a refrigerant leak due to faulty install or lack of preventative care. Scheduling a proper maintenance is the easiest way to  keep your system from Mechanical HVAC failures that can result in costly repairs.


HVAC Preventative Care is most vital and that’s why we can schedule it for you, just contact us and ask our friendly staff to put you on our routine maintenance list. No need to contact us any further, we can schedule it for you and send our technicians to maintain your HVAC routinely in order to keep things working properly.


We’re so confident of the service we provide to our customers that we are willing to give your the air filters for free.


Book your Free Preventive maintenance Today and we’ll provide the filters for your HVAC Free of Charge.


Thank you.

Team Click-Air. “Comfort at your Fingertips”

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