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Duct Cleaning Services

The most effective way to reduce contaminants and improve indoor air quality is to have regular duct cleaning for your home. Commonly your ductwork circulates air in your home and while doing so allergens, dirt, dust, dander and chemicals get deposited into it. These deposits travel back and forth from you duct into your home 5 to 7 times a day and occupants with allergies and asthmas are more sensitive to these contaminants.  

 There will always be a normal amount of accumulation but in addition to those are: 

  • Pets

  • Cigarette and Cigar smoke

  • Water Contamination

  • Damage to home or HVAC system 

  • Dust and dirt from home renovations

  • Remodeling your home. 

The benefits of regular duct cleaning. 

It saves you money. According to the department of energy, 25 to 40 percent of the energy used to heat or cool your home gets wasted due to your HVAC system having to work harder and harder, Duct cleaning also extends the life of your HVAC system not to mention the fact that it enables your to breath better and have a better quality of life.

Click-Air we take our customers needs very seriously, we provide our customers with a free estimate, our technicians are certified. We provide you with a thourough cleaning by an agitator brush, a vacuum aspirator system followed by a FTA approved decontaminator steam.

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Air Exchangers

The installation of an air exchanger inside the house will remove stale and polluted air from the house to the outside and replace it by an equivalence of fresh air. Generally, an air exchanger system installed properly will renew the air of all the important parts of the house.

How? Through a ductwork system installed in the walls; those ducts ending with fresh air distribution grilles and stale air exhaust grilles. Fresh air distribution grilles are located in each room of the house needing fresh air (which are, among others, bedrooms, kitchen and living room). The stale air to outside grilles are generally located at the highest level of the house, where the excess humidity and pollutants build-up.The fresh air distribution and stale air exhaust ducts are connected to the air exchanger. To other ducts are also connected to the unit: one for gathering fresh air from outside and the other one to exhaust the stale air to outside. The air exchanger manage the ventilation for the whole house.

Two types of Air Exchangers exist: the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) and ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation). Whereas both systems use the heat in stale exhaust air to preheat incoming fresh air., therefore reducing the energy required to bring outside air up to ambient room temperature, the ERV goes a little further than the HRV scheme, as this type of system also captures some of the humidity in the air to keep it on the same side of the thermal envelope that it came from.

We install VanEE Air Exchangers

Air Purifiers

Why do you need an air treatment system?

According the EPA (environmental Protection Agency) the indoor levels of pollutants inside the home may be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels”

The contaminants and bacteria continually circulate throughout the home’s ventilation system, exposing your family members to harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens. These Biological and chemical contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, cooking and pet odors, cigarette smoke, and a host of other airborne pollutants are so small that the use of a regular filtration system might not be enough. Here is a list of the different air purification systems that we install:

  • UV light air Purifiers: Air is forced through a UV lamp that kills contaminants and bacteria.
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters remove at most 99.97% of 0.3-micrometer particles, and are usually more effective for particles which are larger.
  • Electronic Air Filters, remove air borne contaminants as small as 0.1 micrometer.
  • Filter HVAC at MERV 14 or above are rated to remove airborne particles of 0.3 micrometers or larger.

We install Sanuvox, York and Lennox air purifiers.


Put an end to the air dryness in your home by installing a humidifier, a system that adds the right amount of humidity into you air for a total indoor comfort. Whole-house humidifiers help improve the quality of your indoor air by increasing the humidity level. A great addition to a central system humidifiers have many health and esthetic benefits, be it for breathing, coughing and skin dryness relief or keeping your furniture and floors from cracking.

We install and service two types of humidifiers:

Bypass Humidifiers can be installed either on air supply or air return. They use the heat from your system to bypass through the humidifier to collect humidity from a water collector grid therefore transferring humidity into your home through your heat systems ducting providing humidity to the entire home. Bypass humidifiers depend on the homes heating system for the heat necessary for providing the humidity.

Steam humidifiers can provide humidity on demand without the heat from your heating system. Steam humidifiers are equipped with their own heating element for heating the water to produce the humidity needed for your home, utilizing the homes heating systems blower to move the humidity through the entire home.

Please browse our  Aprilaire Humidifiers to learn more

Sanuvox Light

The 24V 16" Ultraviolet Lamp System is designed to bask the evaporator coil with UVC
Germicidal Energy, preventing and destroying mold, biological odors and other microbial
contaminants. A coil with bio-film (a coating of microbial growth) acts as an adhesive,
attracting dirt and coating the fins of the coil. This typically results in an odor emanating
from the equipment and a loss in energy efficiency as the equipment must work harder
to provide the same air temperature.