A/C Solutions

Central Air Conditioners


Central air-conditioning units are a great addition to a house with a central air-distribution in place, and provide exceptional comfort during the summer months. Ranging from 1.5 to 5 Tons in capacity, the selection of the right product is carried over through a careful sizing of your house, to a matching of your air-conditioning to an existing or new central heat source. We carry different brands and models to the best possible matching of your needs and budget. Browse through the different models available and call us today for a free estimate.

  • Proven reliability
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Optimized efficiency
  • Space and budget friendly
  • Safe for the environment
  • Awards and distinctions


Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

Panasonic ductless systems allow's you to relax and enjoy in quiet comfort.

Sleek and adaptable to different home settings, these ductless units are a great solution to your air-conditioning needs for condos, apartments or independently controlled zones in your home. Also referred to as mini-splits the wall-mounted units are composed of an indoor (or the evaporator) and outdoor component (or the condensing unit). With great energy efficiency ratings, the wall-mounted units will also lower you energy consumption. Browse through the different brands we carry and call us today for a free consultation today.

  • Microprocessor Controlled Operation 
  • Dry Mode 
  • Automatic Fan Operation/3 Fan Speeds 
  • Electronic Refrigerant Control Valve 
  • Air Sweep Control 
  • High Power Mode 
  • Quiet Mode 
  • Self-Diagnostic Function 
  • Wireless Remote Control Operation 
  • Hot Start Heating System 
  • 1-Hour O Timer 
  • 24-Hour Programmable Clock 
  • Night Set-Back Capability 
  • Anti-Mold Filter 
  • Air Clean Apatite Filter 
  • Automatic Restart After Power Failure



Central Heat Pumps

Dependable performance, energy efficiency and operating economy.

A central heat pump unit uses mechanical energy to transfer heat from one place to another. It is an efficient form of electrically based cooling or heating. With outstanding energy efficiency ratios SEER ratings the heat pumps we carry will keep you comfortable for nine to ten months of the year while considerably reducing your energy consumption. We carry different brands and models to the best possible matching of your needs and budget. Browse through the different models available and call us today for a free estimate.



Wall-Mounted Heat Pumps

Wall Mounted HIGH-SEER Efficient Mini-Split Systems. ENERGY STAR®

The ductless or mini-split heat pumps offer an easily adaptable solution to your air-conditioning and heating needs. With some new models heating up to -26ºC, the wall-mounted heat pump units offer not only an easily adaptable air-conditioning fix, but also a nice supplement to your existing heating system, considerably reducing your energy consumption at the same time. Browse through the different brands we have and call us today for a free consultation.

  • Energy Saving Program 
  • Power Diffuser



Multi-Zone Systems


No central air distribution system? No problem! A multi-zone air-conditioning and heat pump system ranging from two to four zones can be a great solution for your home. Adaptable to different home settings, the indoor components can range anywhere from a mini-split wall-mounted type to a ceiling cassette to a slim-ducted ceiling concealed central air system. Controlled by individual thermostats or remote controls these units will offer the desired comfort for every zone in your home. Browse through the different brands we carry and call us today for a free consultation today.

10 Year Warranty - All Fujitsu products are covered by a 10-year limited warranty on parts and labour.



Commercial Rooftop Units

Meet the highest industry standards and deliver energy-saving comfort that lasts.

Packaged rooftop units are air-handling units designed to condition and circulate air as part of heating ventilation and air-conditioning system. Providing cooling or cooling and heating, also ranging in size from two to twenty tons they are a great solution for businesses and commercial settings. One of our advisors can visit your business and look at the different options available. Please provide the contact information to schedule a free visit.

  • Durable, efficient MicroChannel coil.
  • Reliable operation.
  • Greater durability.
  • Limited maintenance
  • Solid foundation
  • Outstanding warranty


Other Cooling Systems

Packed full of the innovation you have come to expect from the experts at ClimateMaster. 

We carry various cooling products, ranging from water-source air-conditioning units and heat pumps to through the wall units commercial and residential, to ceiling suspended units. Please refer below to some of our brands and products and call us today for more information and to request a free estimate.

  • Easy to remove blower housing for quick service and PSC three-speed fan motor or optional ECM fan motor.
  • Easy service access from multiple sides.
  • Dual compressor vibration isolation for quiet operation.
  • Easy access control box contains advanced digital controls with Remote Service Sentinel Optional Enhanced controls (DXM) & DDC Controllers.
  • Factory installed hanger brackets on horizontal units.
  • Epoxy powder painted drain pan with condensate overfl ow protection.
  • Optional water side economizer to maximize energy effi ciency and meet code requirements.